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Olson & Associates represents building envelope manufacturers. Our focus is to provide architects and glazers, with a single source of reference when coordinating the multiple manufacturers required to achieve your building design while keeping an eye on the building's performance. Our manufacturer's products provide the LEED credits you need in today's eco-friendly design environment. We have you covered from Aluminum Storefronts, Windows, and Curtainwalls. Architectural and Speciality Glazing to Blast Windows & Entrances to Translucent Glazing Systems. Olson & Associates is ready to help you coordinate your Building Envelope needs.




We are here to assist the architectural community with design support on the building envelope products. Coordinating products to meet project requirements while balancing budget constraints is an everyday challenge. We can help with "best value" selections and give you information needed to make an informed decision.

Once products are selected, we stay involved in the development of details that are project specific. We will fit the selected products into your building design with details which will meet the needs of your client. In addition, we offer subtle changes to our standard products that will give you the custom product feel specific to your project.

Today's construction schedules require delivery of materials at a fast pace. Working out the issues that could delay your project, prior to ordering the materials, is key to receiving products on time. We will stay involved until your order has been delivered and the project is complete.

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